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Propol-Kern | Propolis 30ml



A precious natural elixir created by bees



Propolis is a valuable natural ingredient made by bees from buds and barks to protect and strengthen the hive. It is an elixir that is naturally rich in elements that are essential such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Propol-Kern is designed to ensure 100% natural wellness. Its formula contains propolis, alpine water and natural acacia gum, without any added unnecessary chemicals. Boost your wellness with the best that nature has to offer.


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Precious nature

Enrich your wellness with nature’s pure and simple beauty

Improve your wellness routine with 10 drops twice a day for at least 30 days.
Propol-Kern drops are soluble and can be added to water, juices or warm herbal tea.

A short and transparent list of only three ingredients

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Propolis is a natural substance that is usually taken during the winter months because of its rich natural properties. As an elixir of wellness, it can be used all year round, as it is naturally rich in useful substances for our bodies, such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes: a precious mix of natural vitality. Propolis is made by bees from buds and bark. They use it to protect and strengthen the hive thanks to its biological (antibacterial and antifungal) properties.

Acacia gum

A 100% natural rubber obtained from some varieties of Acacia trees, known for its emulsifying and thickening properties. It is widely used for its natural properties as it is completely safe human consumption.

Alpine water

Alpine water flows for decades through layers of rock, where it absorbs natural substances with important health benefits. It is an uncontaminated water with a distinctive purity, as it is low in sodium and has a balanced mineral content.

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Create your wellness routine

Add Propol-Kern to your herbal teas and beverages to experience maximum wellness

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